The Benefits of a Juicing Fast

The Benefits of a Juicing Fast and how it can be incorporated in work.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people set about achieving new goals in weight loss, fitness and general health. They attempt this using various methods, some of which have higher success rates than others. A large proportion will give up on these goals within the first month which is usually attributed to ‘burning out’ by taking on too much in a short period of time. Everyone at work claims that they are unable to continue with any given diet due to their job getting in the way. However there is one diet which has been deemed to be manageable in a working environment whilst supplying the body with vast amounts of minerals and vitamins. This is known as the juice fast.

Following a juice diet couldn’t be easier and can be enjoyed at your desk. Taking a couple of pre-made juices into work allow you to have them ready and handy when ever you need one. Not only the nutritional value will benefit you, but also having meals readily available will stop any temptation to snack on junk. Work can help in your diet but also invite poor eating habits. It is your responsibility to use your working environment as a positive influence.

The juice fast consists of a diet involving vast amounts of fruit and vegetables which are blended/ juiced into tasty mealtime drinks. The main reasons to undertake a juicing challenge include detoxing, weight loss and the desire to cease a behavioural habit such as smoking. There are occasions where people have chose to do a short course of ‘juicing’ to help them recover from ailments instead of using medication.

Generally juice fasting is done is for predetermined amounts of time spanning anywhere from a few days all the way through to several weeks, the amount of time chosen is usually based upon body synchronisation and what they believe to be annual cycles of nature. An example of a juice that someone would be eating on this diet would include kale, wheat grass, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, apple and lemon juice. Drinking these shakes will provide the body with a multitude of vitamins usually containing far more than a typical meal.

Studies have revealed several health benefits associated with the juice diet including a massively reduced cholesterol level after just 1 week of juicing. Others who have followed similar dietary plans have experienced large amounts of weight loss over short periods of time.

A juicing diet will be beneficial to your career for a number of reasons. Studies are continually showing that the majority of people who are juicing will have increased energy and concentration levels. Being focused in a working environment is of the utmost importance, whilst increased energy levels will also prevent you from feeling lethargic and also allow you to remain motivated throughout the days work.

An example of a tasty, vitamin filled juice would include:

2 Apples
A large handful of spinach
A large handful of kale
½ a lemon (with or without skin)
½ a stick of celery
¼ of a normal sized cucumber
2cm chunk of broccoli stem
½ a medium sized avocado
A small handful of ice cubes.

A juice like this is extremely healthy as it combines a super food (avocado) with essential fats, vitamins and general nutrients. It is proven that several of the ingredients reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease as well as assisting in aiding several illnesses such as insomnia, skin issues, arthritis and asthma.

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