6 Amazing Facts About Juice Diets

6 Amazing Facts About Juice Diets

Juice dieting has gaining ground for quite some time. For good reason, it has demonstrated its ability to help in weight loss and help people that are struggling with their health. Whether for health or leisure, juicing is one way to promote healthy living towards a healthy lifestyle. Juice fasting regimen helps in better blood circulation and more efficient lymphatic drain which can help the body detox. Toxins are stored in the body as the result of the air we breathe and the nasty food that we eat. If toxins remain in the body, it can result to numerous diseases which include cancer. Juice diets are also important in mind and wellness as it can promote better rest for people. Here now are some amazing facts about juice diets.

It is not new

Contrary to popular belief, juice diets are not a new thing. In fact, there is evidence that juice diets have been practiced in the 19th century. There are new data to suggest that juice diets have been practiced for thousands of years. It is said that ancient Greeks and Egyptians have been using juice to maintain their health, to some degree they were using it to detox their bodies and to do it as part of spiritual rituals. There is evidence that fasting can be bearable with the use of juices in order to sustain the body when it is not allowed to eat solid food.

It is not a magic bullet

If somebody tells you that juice diets are magic bullets for a healthy you, try ignoring them. The short answer is no. But, it can be used in conjunction with other weight loss and health regimen to help the body become healthier. Juice diets are the best way to load on anti-oxidants and will not drastically cause weight gain. It is best not to have a meal and a juice because it will tell on your calorie deficit regimen. Ditch the meal and have a juice instead together with exercise and some relaxation it will make your body healthy overall.

It is fun to drink juice

While there is no significant benefit of consuming your fruits and vegetables in a juice form or whole, but juice trumps eating the fruits and vegetable itself. It is more fun to have the juice form of fruits and vegetables that you don’t normally consume. You can mix and match fruits and vegetable juices to come up with great mixes that makes the whole activity interesting, fun and worthwhile.

It should not be bought
If you ever think that you can have your juice off the shelves, then you are dead wrong. The whole caboodle about juice diet is to have raw, unpasteurized and freshly-made juices. Why? The bottled ones have chemicals and harmful sugars that can defeat the entire purpose of detox and cleaning the body. So you are better off having a freshly-squeezed fruit as juice than the concentrates and juices that come in Tetra Paks that you can buy from the stores.

It is also about the fiber
When you decide to go on a juice diet, you need to consume at least 25 grams of fiber per day. This is to ensure that the body has the fiber it needs to sweep the dirt out of the body. Juice diets are good for detox but fiber is also an essential member of the team.

It should be immediately consumed

The fact remains that bacteria breeds and make things like food and juices go bad. That is why when you are going to make juice, make sure that you have enough amounts that you will drink in one session. Storing juices for later is certainly a bad idea. The raw juice that you will be making has a high penchant of cultivating bacteria which is bad news in any language.

Juice diet is no magic bullet for health. You still need to couple it with smart eating, exercise and a calm mind. Juice diet is a perfect addition to the healthy lifestyle that everyone should be doing in order to live longer. Consult your doctor and ask if juice diet is the right one for you.

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